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Question about the dynamic list

Is it possible to set up the dynamic list so that the first “article” takes two columns (50%) for example and the other only one (25%) ? Tried to add a custom class but I think I can’t modify each item individually ?! I guess I have to use two dynamic lists in order to do that ? Thanks.

Yep - so the first one would need to be sorted by most recently published, then limited to one post, then for the second Collection List, you’d want to have it start at item 2 and sort it by most recently published as well.

This approach gives you flexibility to design the first article one way and the others in another way.

Hope this helps!

ok, the problem I see now is the pagination only works for a collection list, not for a full page, right?

so if I wanna have a pagination it will work only for that specific list and not for multiple lists

That’s correct, yeah, so you’ll have to think of ways to work around that. You could make the top section a “featured” or “most recent” posts and limit it to 2-3, and then have an additional paginated section for older posts :thinking: