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Question about in page linking

I have a section in the homepage linked to a navlink using an ID. How can I go to that section on the home page from a different page using the navlink?

Hi jtorr19

Use this as link: “/#YOURIDHERE

with the “/” you use your domain as root.

Also it is recommended to share your sharelink, so people are able to see what’s wrong and can make adjustments to help you out.

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Im trying to understand, where the ID of the section go in this naming convention?

So for the example, the section ID is why-hindSight, where would that go along with the domain?

Share your sharelink… so I can help with screenshots. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much

Im not sure if you got this

If I understand you correctly:

Go to the navbar

Click on “Why HindSight”. To go Nav link settings -> link settings:

Thank you for our response, I created the ID for that section, I just wanted to know how to link that section to another page in my website.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you want. I thought you want to link from another page to that section that is on the homepage. So I guess someone else has to help you.

So if I’m on another page, let’s say the contact page and I press Why HindSight on the navbar, I want to go to that section on the home page.

I explained you in the screenshots how to achieve this. Have you tried it already?

I apologize for that I didn’t see where you wrote on linking portion. Thank you so much.

That’s ok. Does it work now? :slight_smile: I noticed that I’m unable to preview it in the Webflow Designer… but when published it works on my own website.

I’m driving right now but will do those steps as soon as I get home. Thank. You

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Awesome it works thank you

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Nice :smiley: ! you’re welcome.