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QooQee has made a few templates for Webflow

This is our first post in the Webflow community, and we hope we can get to be a part of this amazing group and hang out here more often. We have released a few Webflow templates and tools on QooQee that we wanted to share with the community. We would love to hear your feedback.

You can check out our Webflow templates here: QooQee Templates

Please remember that we are an individual website which provides templates and design tools, and not a part of We support our products through our own website, any issue or problem with our designs would be our responsibility to fix, and support. We are available at QooQee support to help you at anytime.

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Thanks - you may want to fix this? Search screen -enter email? Don’t you mean enter search term?

@RoseWebStudio Thank you for the heads up! It should be fixed now.

Is it normal your Webflow templates run on Open Cart ?

Hi @Pasint - I am assuming that you are referring to the template previews. The previews are created and exported directly from Webflow to be hosted on our own domain, only for previewing purposes.
Please note that the templates are created directly in Webflow and users will receive the templates as a project in their Webflow account.

Your documentation on how to impliment your template/plugins for webflow are not good - they dont fully explain how to set it up - very upset and feel i wasted my money with both Qooqee and Webflow.

If you have any issues, please note that you can submit a support ticket at
We will be happy to look into your issue and see what the issue is.

The website looks down.