Putting an svg into the "brand" box on the header

When i put my svg logo into the brand area on the default header, it only shows a minor portion of it, cut off from the sides.

what can i do to fix this, is my svg too big? iv watched tutorials on webflow and it seems to put everything in full view and then lets you stretch it, what am i doing wrong?

Hey! Easiest way to fix is going to be giving it a set heigh/setting the image fill to contain. SVGs can be quirky.

Can you share your read only link?

I figured it out, i had it as an svg, not a png, the png was the solution to anyone possibly struggling with the same issue.

thanks for the help, i was importing from illustrator, thought i would try a png, and it worked perfect

Yep! If you post your read only link I can help you get that SVG working too

thanks i appreciate it, i scrapped the svg, unless theres some hidden reason to use an svg over a png. but i dont think its a big deal, thanks tho

Benefit is likely even smaller file size as well as endless scalability and ability to use one file of your logo in endless use cases for your site