SVG Size in Webflow

Hi all,

I’ve created some Logos for my website in Affinity Designer, however every time I upload the images, they read as 150px x 150px wide, rather than 250px or 300px as they should be.

Is this a known thing with Webflow, or an issue with the SVG?


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A couple of things to inspect. Remove the HDPI checkbox in the settings tab. Also if you uploaded an image or vector before - and it had 150px (let’s say you see that size was too small) - then delete it


If it still has the same filename it will revert to that original size. You need to delete or keep the file it doesn’t matter, but you do need to change the filename, especially if it’s uploaded back to back in the same session.

I’ve found simply adding another name, or character (home-headshot-1, home-headshot-2) something like this. It will recognize there’s been a size update.


Thanks for the reply!

I think I discovered the issue. The software I used to create the SVG exports the size as ‘100%’, rather than the pixel value.

Changing the value to pixels in the XML fixed it.

Ahh I see that makes sense. See ya. Have fun.

I just had the same issue. I uploaded a svg file that originally had the size of 30x40px and as soon as I uploaded it to Webflow it had the size of 113x150px.

The issue was that the file was set as responsive.
I created the SVG with illustrator and when i unchecked «responsive» in the svg export options it worked just fine.