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Pull CMS data into link attributes

I have three different projects that I’d LOVE to use webflow CMS for but I need the ability to dynamically add info from the CMS to links. Mostly just trying to pass tags in the URL to my email marketing platform.

Ex: one project would allow people to sign up for alerts about a specific product on a product review site. So they hit “send me alerts”, we open an email form and on submit pass their email address and a tag of productName and productCategory (both collected in the CMS backend) over to the email service provider. Now I can segment my email list by product and category and send out alerts when specific products go on sale or when a new product has been added to the same category. Woot.

Any idea if this will be available at some point? Or ideas in a workaround in the meantime?


Can you suggest a way to implement this so it’s more clear?

@Chris_Scott are you referring to custom attributes?

@nate not sure what that screenshot is, not loading on my end.

To be more clear. If someone signs up to get an alert about a product, I’d like to be able to send them to a “thanks” url that includes the Product Tag that I’m collecting in the CMS backend.

When I create a link to sign up for an alert for that product, I could go in and input the product tag for each product manually in the link attributes area, but I’d like to be able to input some sort of shortcode that pulls in the data from the Product Tag field so that it’s generated dynamically and I can just set it and forget it.

My knowledge here is (probably obviously) lacking, but I basically want to be able to do:

  $productTag = "productA";

<a href="<?php echo $productTag; ?>Thanks</a>

This would tag my subscriber with the productA tag and allow me to segment by list by Product.

Ideally, this could be done with some sort of shortcode used in the link attributes field within the webflow designer. This is how I’m currently doing it in WordPress.

I suppose I could just create another field to collect the entire URL needed and just pull from that field for the link.


@Chris_Scott thanks for clearing that up.

This is definitely something we’d like to support in the near future. We’re currently working on ways to make dynamic fields accessible to different parts of the designer. I’ll make sure that we put some thought into this use case.


Just bumping this. Find myself needing it quite a bit. Any update?

Thanks so much, Nate!

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+1 for this.

I would love to see this in Webflow. Dynamic embeds offer great flexibility when integrating with addons that use data attributes. But this would make it so much easier to implement directly into your webflow code using attributes vs the embed element.