Using API to copy CMS data between locations

Using Webflow API, is it possible to mirror the content of a page on another page?

We’re in the process of developing a multi-territory website using Webflow. The idea is to have an international version of the website where all resources are stored. Conversely, there will be a localised version of the site (using a reverse proxy) which will focus more on content for that territory. Ideally, we don’t want to do things twice, so I’m looking for a way for users to stay on the local site (if they originate there), but still view our centralised resources without changing to the international version of the site.

I fully understand the SEO implications, so that’s going to be dealt with correctly.

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Is it possible? Sure. Is it easy? Hell no! :laughing:

The first part is easy enough. GET all the CMS items from the international site and individually POST them to each local site. But, if you have reference fields or option fields, you’ll have to remap those because the ids will be different in the local sites.

Then, to keep them in sync, you could use Webflow’s webhooks on the international site to detect changes, and then POST/PATCH/DELETE those changes on the local sites. Again, having to remap reference and options fields. And don’t forget about Webflow’s API rate-limit.

Personally, if you want a built-for-you solution, I would recommend you store your global international data in a master database like Airtable, then use PowerImporter’s Airtable-sync tool to keep all the Webflow sites in sync. It will take care of all the remapping of reference and option fields, and detecting new items, modified/deleted items and updating the Webflow sites accordingly. It even queues the API operations to keep the rate-limit happy.

You would also be able to tag your content in Airtable with the target local sites that each record should go to, and then tell PowerImporter to filter on those tags.

This is an epic response. Thank you so much JudoHacker. Much to ponder.