Publishing to Staging ONLY with Logic flows

So I’ve found out that once you have Logic Flows setup then you can’t publish just to Staging anymore.

This is causing an issue now as I require the staging site to be an approval tool for new content. Setting up multiple admin/editors to view in designer/editor preview mode is not an option, as there are multiple stakeholders involved in the approval process.

Has anyone found a workaround, or know if this is will be a future feature?

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This is actually my #1 barrier to using Logic in client projects. I haven’t found any suitable workaround on this issue either.

This renders logic completely unusable imo. A massive oversight on Webflow’s part, and crazy that they didn’t ship an update at the recent webflow conf that would address this.

Also strange that this issue is getting so little attention. Does everyone using logic just not publish to staging anymore?

According to the official announcement, neither Logic or Memberships will be getting any updates for the foreseeable future. Around April this year the teams were repurposed to other projects and the products were released “as-is.”

IMO they’re likely creating more harm than benefit to the Webflow community because people think memberships and automation are feature-complete, fully-debugged subsystems in the Webflow framework. In their current setup, the use-cases they can be successfully applied to are very limited.

Ah, so it’s not only me - I thought I was going crazy. I contacted Webflow Support about it and after some back and forth their conclusion was:

Hi Albert,

Thank you for coming back to me!

Yes, that’s correct, given that you have Logic in use on your site you cannot publish to individual domains, you will need to publish to ALL domains in order for the flows to stay enabled and active.

Even if you change a small style change or content change, the same applies because you have Logic in use on the site.

Logic requires all domains to be published to, regardless of how big or small the changes are to the site and if they are Logic related or not.

My suggestion prior was for testing Flows privately, however, in this instance I see it’s the matter of any changes on the site as a whole which does require full publishing to all domains.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

Kind regards,

I agree it’s pretty much useless to keep this in production then. Problem is, by the time I figured it out, I already had 10 flows in production (some form-based flow, but still), my mistake…

I feel your pain. When Logic beta was announced, I was all in, the team building it was fantastic and had a phenomenal vision for where this would be in 2-3 years time. Brilliant plans, but they’re closeted for now.

I think Localization, basic system improvements, and maybe even AI were a big reason for Webflow’s decision to sideline these projects. That and probably a strategy pivot towards better integration for 3rd party app providers which I fully approve of as well.