Publishing Localized Item in collection (API via Zapier)

Hi Everyone,

I tried to publish an item in my secondary locale via Zapier (Webflow API Request Integration). The problem is that the version 1 of the API doesn’t support the field “cmsLocaleId”:

The request works well when I take out the “cmsLocaleId” line but returns a 400 when it’s in it.
Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks!!

-accept-version :1.0.0
-content-typpwe: application/json

“name”:“Mi primer Post via API”,
“_archived”: false,
“_draft”: false

I don’t believe the v1 API has any form of localization support.
Have you tried the v2 API?

Likely you’ll need to make a direct API call from Zapier rather than use the pre-built Webflow adapter.

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