Create a CMS Items with localisation


i am creating a lot of collection items and our default language is english. But i also want to add the translation for the collection item. When i POST 2 collection items with the same slug but a different cmsLocaleId, it does not work. I get two different collection items. When i try to patch the same collection item with a different cmsLocaleId i get a 404.

This is the end-result which i want to achieve. One collection item but with 2 locals.

I am using the beta api.

Any hints how that should work?


I’m facing the exact same problem
As you. It seems it might be something they have overseen. Hopefully this gets addressed soon.

I have the same issue as well. Any V2 Documentation about creating Items with different locale?

I recently got in contact with support, they are aware of the issue not news on a solution on the horizon.

Thanks for posting, I’am having a similar issue. Even trying to post the translated item as another item_id, but returns a 400 (Field ‘cmsLocaleId’: Field not described in schema)

the payload I’m using is below. Not sure what’s wrong with the request:

“name”:“Post via API”,
“_archived”: false,
“_draft”: false,

Same problem here, I am trying to create a CMS item with the same item id but 3 different locales which means 3 cmsLocaleId

Did anyone figure out a solution?

Hello fellows!

I came with good news! Webflow just added this POST method to API v2 that supports creating CMS items with different locales.

you can check it here: [Create item for multiple locales]