Publishing certain pages and CMS items without publishing my entire site

Hi All,

I am redesigning my entire website and need to publish some specific content (a few pages and some CMS items ), but DO NOT WANT to publish anything else. I recently heard about publishing selected items while editing in editor mode. Is this a viable option? I am terrified that publishing a page in this mode will publish my entire site or possibly publish my new navigation etc and I am not ready for that.

Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe someone with very direct knowledge of this could chime in, but until then I’d recommend going through the Webflow University and see what you could learn there.

Thanks Chris, that is where I found the info I mentioned. However, I was looking for some validation before hitting that publish button as publishing my new navigation etc would be catastrophic.

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With Webflow when you publish, everything that changed is published. Workarounds include setting static pages to draft so they won’t be visible and with the CMS you can publish individual CMS items without publishing the site. Thats basically your options.

The approach I often taken when confronted with situations like this is to test it. Sounds obvious, I know, but hear me out.

Create another Webflow project, mimicking your live projects setup, and confirming how it does and does not work.

If you only have one account, see if another free account gets you what you need. If not, weigh the benefits of purchasing a months worth of another account to test it.

I have an account that allows me to create more than one project in it so I do this, often.

That may not work for you but it’s just another thought I wanted to share.