Published website lagging

Hi, I have noticed sometimes when I preview my published website it’s extremely laggy in chrome & Brave browser, seems to be okay in Safari though. The weird part is that it happens only sometimes, not only to me but as well as to random visitors.

I have tried to ask a Webflow community on Slack and seems that multiple people have noticed this behavior but no one was able to answer why.

In the link below I attached a video, the lagging is quite severe.

Screen Recording 2022-05-02 at - Google Drive

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Tested on my pc and works really well. All the users having this lag are on Apple devices?

The ones I know, yes. But it’s very random when it happens, One day runs smoothly as butter, the next it’s extremely laggy.

I’ve checked inside the console > performance tab and there are on scroll, some cpu spike usage the main one due to change background color. I think it’s a mix of that, it will cause some frame drops on apple devices. Are you making that interaction with the scrollTrigger.js or with webflow interactions?

Ah, interesting. I am doing it with Webflow interactions. I not only flip the background color but also all the texts so it’s a bit heavy interaction. When the website starts lagging, it’s also on other pages that don’t have that interaction so it’s a bit strange. That being said it’s been running smoothly for the past couple of days.