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Published view bug?

If I look in the designer my homepage with toggle preview everything looks perfect.

But if I click publish, then it is no longer responsive, so i must scroll all the way to the right to see the hamburgerbutton again?

is it a bug or what can it be?

I have tried everything but unfortunately i found no solution Read only link


best regards manuel

If you set element with bigger than your screen size width you get a horizontal scroll.

In your case its easier - change map width to relative unit (100%):

How did I know?
inspect element go to mobile view scroll to the right and find "the problematic" element - in your case its easy to see the map “out of bounds”

Other cases:

Sometimes it’s hard to find “from where” the scroll happens (One idea - not so elegant but works - is to hide each time one section - publish and find “The problematic element”).

@Siton_Systems thx for your help :slight_smile:

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