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Today I finished one of the responsive site youtube links as well as setting up a dynamic list for a shopping cart collection. The collection seems to be working, but now when I publish my site to look at it, the entire thing is frozen in place! I’m not sure what I did to break it. Below are links to both the published site and the read-only. Would appreciate any help here cause I totally broke it, haha!

Here is my public share link: go go go
Here is my read-only link read-only

Hi @Shafee, thanks for posting! One issue I see, is that there is an html embed in the slider, it looks like there have been some custom style for the slider nav buttons, and the style tag is not closed:

<style> .w-slider-dot { background: #447fc1; } .w-slider-dot.w-active { background: white; }

should be:

<style> .w-slider-dot { background: #447fc1; } .w-slider-dot.w-active { background: white; }</style>

Try checking that and let me know if it helps!

Wow, you found that so quickly! I completely forgot that I added a style to the nav slider. That fixed it; thank you!

By the way, was there a quick way you found this error, like a code checker or something?

Hi @Shafee, no, not a code checker (unless you include me :slight_smile: Just took a look at the published site, inspected the html ( and then looked for the last html element that got rendered on the page.

The last element was the embed, so then I looked at the read-only link you provided, took a look at the embed code and found the issue.

Usually first thing to check if the site works in the designer, but not on the published site, is if there is any custom code on the page that might be causing some hiccup :slight_smile:

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Thank you much. You guys rock!

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