Published site do not act as in the webflow designer

Hello dear all,

I have a little issue… I have carefully set up a little reveal interraction which reveals a hidden div containing two other div. everything works fine in the designer when resizing the size of the “layout” but on the published site, when resizing the browsers, the hidden element does not resize and remains its original width (see video)

My goal

Have the “hidden div” expand vertically, like in the webflow designer, instead of keeping its width to its original state. I’m not sure I understand why the webflow designer renders it correctly and not the published site.

Here is my simplified read-only link.
Here is the screen recording.

Have a great weekend you all !


I made a test of the hidden div without the reveal interraction, it works as expected in the published site. Is it then a bug within the interraction system ? Why does it still works in webflow though and not on the published site ?

Here screen recording without the interraction

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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My bad,
I forgot to set up 100% for the width of the “size” interraction in my animation.
Problem solved :slight_smile:

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