Published page doesn't show any content on mobile

Hi! I’m quite new to Webflow and just started to familiarize myself with the platform.

I’m not sure whether I did something wrong or not since I only know basic coding.
When I published my project in Webflow, it works as it should when viewed on desktop.
However this is not the case when viewed on a mobile phone.

When in actual mobile phones, it only shows the bg video and color overlay, none of the content shows up. But when viewed in Chrome, it shows up the same way as it does in Designer. Even when viewed on the responsive view Chrome has.

Would appreciate it if any of guys can lend me a hand on this. Thanks!


Can you please provide your site’s read-only link? Here is a helpful tutorial that explains how to share a project’s read-only link.

Also, do you have the link to your published project?