Published page can not be scrolled

Hey Guys

I have an Issue to get my published side to scroll. Scrolling trough the preview works fine. I have the same issue in multiple browsers. It feels like the issue appeared with the last update… or it’s still my mistake. I already checked the body overflow - its on visible. I loaded the backup of a version where it had definitely still worked. But even there it no longer works now
Maybe one of you has an idea

Thanks for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @flo_steger,

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Overflow is set to hidden on the ‘Div Block’ element here: Webflow - Emma Haley & Seba...

Please try setting this to visible and republishing!

Let me know how you go!

Hey @mww

thanks for your answer and welcoming me to the forum!
I set the ‘Div Block’ to visible but it didn’t solved the problem.
Tried it in two Browsers again (Chrome & Safari)

Hi @flo_steger,

Could you please send through the link to the live site and the page you’re having the issue on?


It went ULTRA strange… I changed the Webflow Subdomain to another Webflow Subdomain. And scrolling worked as it should do. Changed the domain back to the “old” an scrolling stoped working again…
So from now on I’m using a new Subdomain and the problem is solved.

I don’t know why

But thanks for your help! Appreciate it!