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Site doesnt scroll in published view

Hello webflow-forum. My name is nina - i am new to the community and just published some first sites with weblow. I feel really proud.

With my new project, i have a problem and would be greatful for any help:
In my preview mode, everything looks good. i can scroll etc. BUT when i publish - i cannot scroll and everything looks kind of different.

i DID NOT set body on overflow hidden and i tried with SAFARI and CHROME – problem occurs in both browsers.
please check previewlink

and compare to published look:

Thank you so much for any help!

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Hi @Herkules

Actually you have the body set to overflow hidden on 1440 breakpoint.

Please check and let me know if that works


Super. Thanks a lot. That seemes to work. Not checking in the other breakpoints was my mistake.
Very greatful!

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Happy to help :webflow_heart: