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Publish to Google Root Domain

I have a domain registered with Google Domains. works doesn’t work

I’ve followed the Webflow guide as well as several others and cannot seem to get it to work.
Same for going via Google Support.

Has anyone had any success getting this to work?

I just want to be able to use the root.

Hi @Kwame, are you able to share your domain settings on webflow? it could be an issue with redirect or if you’re using Cloudflare to manage DNS that could be an issue too.

Hey @dennyhartanto , just using basic Webflow + Google domains.

@Kwame Whats the error that you see on

Common problem I’ve had with Google Domains DNS is when adding the A records it’s easy to miss the 2nd record as they are counted as one in Google Domains.

Another thing that sometimes helps is switching the default domain (in Webflow Settings) on/off. Sometimes that triggers it to work.

However as @dennyhartanto mentioned, we will need more info to diagnose further.