Public share link

Since one of the biggest issues I’ve seen for people getting help is that they never, ever put in their public shared link and have to constantly be asked.

Is it possible to create a field for ‘PLACE YOUR PUBLIC SHARED LINK HERE’ type of deal and have it checked to make sure it’s just not the normal URL of the site? Considering the word ‘preview’ is in all URLs, shouldn’t be hard to verify this.

This would make helping people faster since it’s a requirement any ways.

Yes you’re absolutely right. That’s a good idea. However this forum isn’t developped by Webflow team, it’s a “” forum. All hopes aren’t lost as it comes with an API to make plugins. But then you’ve got to maintain the plugin etc… I’m not sure they want to :slight_smile:

One thing we can do is ask for such features directly on the Discourses’ Discourse forum—well named "meta—

Ah, I see.

well, it’s something to keep in mind.

Is there at least a way to have some sort of ‘notification’ when create a new post that shows MAKE SURE YOUR PUBLIC SHARE LINK IS TURNED ON or the link? Some sort of notification that is right in their face?

I mean, can you customize the ‘Create New Topic’ wording at least?

Got me on that one. Also got the same idea and was also thinking WHY DO THEY NEVER EVER post their public link with their problem?

Well, I caught myself posting some trouble help asking thing and guess what was missing :). Shame on me.

p.s. yea would be awesome

I’ve created a template for the “Need Help” category, so whenever people create a post under that category they’ll be reminded to include their public share link:

This is what it looks like: