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Feature Improvements for the Discover Section

Perhaps this is taking it too far… but people post comments & ask how things are done on my public sites - would be awesome if they could PM me - or I could PM them back - instead of having to answer all that info on public facing pages & comments.

Another workaround is to just create a form where they leave their name, email and message for stuff they want to ask in private and from there you guys can talk via email.

Yes perhaps, but I’m talking about the comment section on each website on the Discover section / Public Profiles (

Leaving a link to a form as a response to their questions feels as redundant (and hokey) as pointing them to my portfolio website and telling them to contact me there… no one wants to email these days :stuck_out_tongue: (just my opinion, I see your point none the less)

Oh, fair enough. You didn’t specify anything so I wasn’t aware you were talking about the discover section.

I beg to differ.

The title says Public Pages - Public pages are in the discover section :wink:

Huh… I guess you’re right…

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