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Property search in a website

I am working on a small rental site for a local company and they are looking for some search function for their properties so that customers can choose their features and find the properties they would like. IS this possible to set up in webflow using the CMS? Or has anyone done anything similar?

The drop down form is easy enough but is this something that is possible with webflow even with custom code?

I’d be interested if someone has done it for a quote as well.

There are only ten properties right now. so it might not be necessary or cost effective for the client at this point but a ball park quote for the work would be great.

Yes, have you tried isotope?

Even a text search can be done.

Also, more complex filter system like this can be made using WP, but you have to export and know quite a bit of WP_Query knowledge.

Hi Sam, thank you. I’m looking at keeping it in webflow CMS.
I’ll check out isotope.

I haven’t even looked at it yet.

What kind of work is involved in implementing it. I quoted basically on a
simple brochure site with dynamic pages for listings.


[TUTORIAL] Using Isotope and MixItUp plugins with Webflow

Plugin site:

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Good plugin so far. Thanks for sharing.

THanks Sam,

The part that is not immediately understandable is how to implement using the Webflow CMS so a client can add a property and it can get added into the mix. A similar effect can be achieved for the simple filtering just by using tabs. I have done that for image galleries in the past, using tabs and webflows filtering system. gallery is an example of this.

But the multiple layers of filtering seems to be where the real power lies in isotope.

does anyone have an example using dynamic content?

Isotope is not a plugin where you can just include the plugin files and make it work out of the box. You have to customize based on the project requirements, which is why there is no tutorial on this.

I can say yes, it definitely can be implemented using custom code, but unless you have tried and gotten stuck, and explained what you have done so far, I can’t really advise if there is nothing going on.

If you need a developer to implement/code from scratch though, you can always find me here.

Thanks Sam, we’ll see what the client actually decides they need. I understand it’s definitely not a plug in type jquery script. If they do want an more in depth search then You probably will be my first go to as you seem to have already incorporated it. Though I know you use WP and I’m not looking to make the switch.

jeremy ;

Jquery sitewide search plugin. Worth a look.

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