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Filter for clients! Is it possible?

Hello friends!

Is it possible to make filter search for clients? I am trying to make real estate agency website and I need that clients will be able to search for example 1 room apartmantes, 2 room apartments and so on…
Is it possible to do in webflow?
If it is possible then could you please show me some websites with such filters?

I attached the example of filter I want to do in webflow

The Webflow team are working on search functionality.

Thank you!

And when approximately it will be ready?
And I couldnt find any information on how much to pay if I use webflow cms. I am using Lite account for 24 usd. It would be great to know how much it will cost if i start using cms.

Thank you very much!

I have no idea when it will be ready. They ship functionality when it’s ready not sooner. In development it’s very hard to set release dates. We know that this is something they are working on right now though.

To host a site with CMS and domain cost $16 /month. And you also have to pay for tool of course.

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Thank you! ))

And one more question.
Is it possible to make website view like on desktop PC? I mean if client dont want mobile version is it possible to make it display in mobile and tablet devices like on PC?
If yes, than how to do it!

Thank you!

Hmm…if I understand you correctly you just make your most outer div, one div that wraps all other divs, a fixed width. Makes sense?

I want it to be like this

In mobile phone it must be displayed like in PC

So I quickly made a template to demonstrate. In this pre made template I made div with 1100 pixel width and put every other divs inside, thats it :grinning:

Here’s the webpage:
Here’s the preview:

Heres a screen from my mobile:

Hi Jorn!

I think that doesn’t work correctly. In your mobile browser press to show a full page option (like in PC) and you will see that it displays like in PC. Look at your screen now and you see that the section heading at the center of page is not displayed exactly like in PC.

But thank you very much, my dear friend. You are so helpfull. Thank you very much )))
hope to hear from you))

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Hope you’ll find a solution. I’m out of ideas :slight_smile:

Hey guys, haven’t had much time get involved with community but wanted to see if some info may help. Hope you all are doing well!

I think what he may be asking is they do not want a mobile view at all. They want the site to look the same on all devices (allbeit way too small of print to really ready, etc). In todays market that’s an insane request, but we get them everyday it seems. Folks fighting the blatant facts, lol. Mobile has all but surpassed desktop browsing. Any rate, your not alone…they are still and will always be the crazies :slight_smile: …lol.

I would think (without testing it all out) but I will. Have you tried to add custom css for all the view ports to be the same css files? I would go that route because hiding it will probably just show a blank page.

Just my 2 cents, hope that help in some way. Ill check back after I test it to see if that would work.

Sorry wanted to see if this may help on the first part of the question. For the search function you asked about.

Until the Webflow team gets the search function working, couldn’t you feed a dynamic list to some drop down form fields on your search at top? I mean not the best but may be a temp solution.

This solution would only work if the clients are adding real estate listings manually via CMS or is being fed via API from into a DB on Webflow.

If they are tying to one of those real estate databases like Real Tracs here, that would not work due to the massive amounts of listing they server out to approved sites.

Hope my early morning brain helps a little with either!!

You all have an awesome day!

I’m going to also say. no mobile version? It is a very weird request. I’d highly recommend against it.

That’s a very odd request! Google will hate that site and it will be very difficult to interact with for visitors.

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In Soviet Russia site visitors are not the goal. Happiness of comrade client — that is the goal!

haha, well I guess we’ve all been there. It’s a hell of a slippery slope too. Lessons learnt.

Hi friends.

I meant that I want the website to be opened in phone like in PC.

Thank you all

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