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Search CMS by location

Hi Folks,
If I have a profile listings page that we can either sort by county/location or we can use a dropdown to select by county/location. The client however has requested a search bar to filter the CMS by location. Is this possible through Webflow or is additional code required?

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It depends on the desired granularity of the search… It’s easy to add a continental typology (5 continents), countries (150), and use an option field or a crossed ref field for that, it’s more difficult to filter by “10km around me”.

Hi Vincent,
Say we just wanted to put in a search box that filters down 30 odd place-names from a collection, how would we go about doing that?

Any advice on this? Essentially we just need a search box which searches a specific CMS collection and just displays for that specific place-name?

Hey @Bammedia, have you checked out Jetboost? It’s a NoCode solution and has fantastic sorting and search functionalities for CMS collections.

I can highly recommend it. It’s very easy to set up!

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Thanks Oli, I’m checking it out…
Do you know why if I’m updating any of the the product names/slugs within the CMS collection of this cloneable template, they don’t become searchable?

i.e. they don’t appear in search results.

Oh that’s odd, not sure why that is happening for!

I’d recommend creating a free account and following the onboarding process in Jetboost itself. It only takes a few steps to get set up and it has testing buttons on each step so you can check to see if you have set it all up correctly.

If you get stuck with anything, you can contact the maker (Chris) on Twitter, he’s a super nice guy and very helpful! Here’s a link to his Twitter profile.

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@Bammedia Did you ever end up finding a solution? or was jetboost the way to go

I ended up using JetBoost. It was a much more straigfhforward solution. I used 2 different JetBoost filters on this page:

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Out of curiosity it’s not truly a location search right and it’s by keywords?

If I were to input my actual address it wouldn’t return results near to me?

No these are pulling the data from a CMS collection that I created. I made a collection for all 32 counties of Ireland and reference them. JetBoost just adds the search and/or filter functionality to he page

That’s what I assumed when I saw jetboost. Seems like I’ll need to dig deeper for truly a location based functionality!

Finsweet offers filtering of CMS as well and is free if you wanted to check it out. Highly recommend. CMS Library for Webflow by Finsweet

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