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Project not updating

I host with webflow and I am publishing my project and it is not reflecting the changes at all.
I have a client with a menu and the prices are not updating please see the link.
I do see the correct price in my project but if you look at the website they are incorrect.
I have published several times and nothing changes.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @Juan_T

Thanks for posting — I took a closer look at and both the live site and preview links how the same prices on this end.

Live site




Can you please try clearing your cache and then check to see if the prices update?

yes tried that clearing cashe. Check the sandwich tab.
look at the prices if you could.

then see my read only site

That’s odd — they still all match on this end:


Live site

If you still are seeing different prices, can you take a screenshot and let me know which ones aren’t matching?

Can you also try in an incognito window with extensions disabled?

Incognito is showing the old prices still

Hope you don’t mind me chiming in @brando, @Juan_T this might seem odd, but I had a similar issue a long time ago… for whatever reason my hosting settings had changed, my error or bug I"m not sure as I never reported it back then.

Could you just go to the hosting section and see if your site is still connected as it should be. It’s odd that your live site is not updating immediately.

Is this also the same if you load the site in a completely different browser?

Did you make any recent changes to DNS settings? Added SSL etc? As this can sometimes add a delay in updates showing in my experience.

Let me know if this is it… outside chance but always worth checking. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks take a look at my screen shot for my hosting.
Yes this happens in all browsers
No recent DNS settings or added SSL certificates

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Any luck on your end discovering what could be the issue?

I think this is a webflow issue. Please help me figure this out. If you cant help then I will just cancel the hosting for a refund for the remainder of the year and host it on my own server…I would rather not do that
Can you delete the files then I reupload the project from scratch? Idk? what do we do from here?

Hi @Juan_T

Thanks for posting back and letting me know. I just replied to your email but wanted to reply here as well.

I took another look and everything appeared to be updating as expected:

If you are seeing other behavior on your end, can you send me a screen recording of what you see (CloudApp or Quicktime work well).

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