Project image problem

Hi, I’m brand new at Webflow.
When I want to change an image in the “gallery”, all images change and I can’t attribute a separate one

.Could you please help me?

Hi Régis,

Welcome to Webflow!

Since you are using CMS to set this up, there are a few different things that could be causing this.

Looking at the Navigator down the bottom, it looks like you may have duplicated the CMS items manually rather than letting the CMS auto-populate the grid (which makes things much easier and can avoid these kinds of issues). But I might be wrong though! If you could grab a Read-only link for your project, we can take a deeper look at the specifics to help you solve this :slightly_smiling_face:

Steps on how to do this are available here:

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Hi Josh, here is the link for my project:

Perfect! Thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face:

All you need to do to fix this is Select the Element Settings on your Project Image, and set “Get Image From” to the Projects CMS Collection.

I can see you’ve already set this up for the heading of each project, so the same logic applies for the image! My understanding is that CMS item containers will always duplicate what is inside unless you specify to get content from the actual CMS collection. This is to make it easy to format things & make bulk changes to the design of list items :pray:

Here are screenshots of the steps:

You can then update the image from within the CMS collection to change what image actually displays on the page. You’ll also notice that Webflow populates the CMS collection in the order that the projects appear in your CMS collection. I.e. the first project in the list will display first.

If you need to change the sort order of items within your collection, there’s some info on how to do this here:

Thanks for the information!
But an other problem occurs; when I drag an image into the box, it appears in the background…!

Hi, I’m still stuck with the images that all change to the same source.Is it possible to treat them separately ?