CMS Image To Link


I’m trying to work with CMS but i’m having trouble linking the main image to its correspondent page inside my project.

What is the best way to do this?

Here is my public share link:

HI @gabrielaosilio

Can you please be a little more specific - you have a lot of pages but only two items in your cms… so from where r u trying to link and to what…

hi @IVG
thanks for answering

im trying to link one off these pages with a cms module (image and text)

this site is a portfolio so the idea is that all these project pages will be linked with cms modules

so my biggest question is how to transform this image that is in cms in a link to another page of the site

so that means you did this all backwards… you first need to create a CMS database… then on every page that you need to add a gallery you will add a CMS collection, and then you style the CMS Collection Page - and this will be the way it looks when someone click on the individual item and they are taken to it… To recap:

  1. make CMS Database
  2. style CMS Collection Page
  3. add CMS collection to any page you need it
  4. Style/Filter CMS Items as needed on every page

Also have a look at the Webflow University

Thank you @IVG ! I managed to make everything work as I wanted

just in case

you know how I change the “Featured works” to another name?


you do this in “page settings”

change page name, slug and title tag