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Project Duplication, Hosting and CMS

I have created a website with 8 collections, 8 collection pages, 6 normal pages, 60 collection items and would like to duplicate it and create a new project.

The originating project has hosting enabled

I will be using the same database structure and collection pages on the new project - but will be clearing out all the collection items

What is the best way to proceed with this.

I assume i need to duplicate into a hosting account to get the database, collections, collection pages and collection items.

thanks in advance

Hi @rfull

On the face of it, yes that’s the best way to go about duplicating and keeping the structure, and just emptying it for the new project…

The issue might be the CMS limitations without hosting enabled, but this can also be dependant on your ‘Designer’ plan too…

So…the best thing to do would be either drop a line:

Or go to the hosting tab on your current project settings, and if the team are available, you should see the livechat feature where you can also discuss the best way to approach your scenario. (Support hours are 6am-6pm PT Mon-Fri)

Hope that helps

thanks Stu - i duplicated the project and everything including CMS came over