Products are not displaying on Categories Template ecommerce pages


I’m trying to get products to display on the Category pages I’ve set up using Webflow Ecommerce. In the Categories Template, I got the products listing in the back end by linking the Collection List for products, so the product titles show in a grid format in the main content section, which looks fine (they show as a purple grid with the product names in each block). However they don’t show at all in the front end. The page title does show properly on each category page, i.e it changes when the dropdown menu item is clicked in the front end- so the category pages themselves are loading in the front end, only without the products.

I’ve experimented with the Filters option in the Categories Template settings, for example setting a Filter of “Categories contains Current Category”. Interestingly this then loads the correct products from that category in the back end, depending on which one I’ve selected in the dropdown in the top left, but they still don’t load in the front end. Screenshot attached.

Inspecting the code in the front end shows that the page is loading a block for each of the products in the category, so it seems that the template is finding and loading the structure for displaying the products, only the product data itself isn’t showing. I’ve attached a screenshot for this as well to show you what I mean.

Product data is displaying fine on the product detail pages themselves.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why I can’t get the products to show on the Category pages?

Hasn’t anyone encountered this issue before?

@sicon Looking at the Designer page screenshot, it seems you have not added any elements to the Collection Item. The purple grid & product name is just a placeholder for your reference in the Webflow Designer. Its not an actual element to be rendered on the front end.