Product image in Collection too big

I have a problem with the displayed product in the collection “Fantastische Neuheiten”. The “product card wrapper” is too big, it doesn’t fit in the “products” field. I want the picture to shrink so that it fits in the field.
The height of the product card wrapper is “auto”, the image is a flexchild with setting “shrink if needed” so I thought it wold adapt its size to the products field. But it doesn’t.
Can anybody help me what I did wrong?

Thank you!


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I am no expert at all, but by changing the Products Collection List to Height Auto, things seem to work better.

ok, thank you.
That’s a solution, but then the picture stays as big as it is now. In fact I wanted the product card wrapper to fit into the products field. That means it should be smaller.
But if it’s not possible that way I use your solution an accept it bigger or adjust the size by a fixed height. I thought it should be possible to make the child fit into the products field without giving it a fixed height.