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Help Needed: Images Shrank

I am working on a website or a client. All of a sudden the images on the Product page shrunk…

WF-Forum-Help-Shrunk-01 WF-Forum-Help-Shrunk-02

And it actually grows a little when I resize the window. It worked fine, I did NOT work on these images lately and now it is broke. On mobile the images show up fine. In chrome it is broke as well. In the toggle preview everything looks fine.

As I am meeting with the client within two hours, this is not really good.

Can someone please help with this issue?

Here is the website:
Read Only Link :

I think this is a bug, because some products are looking fine. All Images have the same size in the CMS.


These are fine:

All other products are affected.

Hi @creativecabin,

I am on the website and it seems to be ok. Can you specify where the problem exactly is?


Thanks for replying. If you go to on of the product pages:

You can see below the line ‘ELEGANT EN LICHT IN GEWICHT’ that the images are tiny, as shown in the image attached. The happens with all products, except for the products that are fine as stated above in the update.

Try giving the Product Image Block div a width (100%)

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Beautiful. :heart_eyes: I think that worked…I’ll check all the pages later after my visit. Thanks a bunch :raised_hands:

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Perfect! I am at the client and checked all the pages. Again thanks a bunch load! :boom: