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Hi everyone, a simple question, i need to create a sort of product catalog, every product have N# images and one category. For exemple:

•Product Category: Round Boxes and i made a collection with all category
• Product item: Round product 1 and i made a collection for product with reference to is category. Every product have n# images, than i create an other collection:
• Product images Round product image 1 etc

Than every product is referenced to is category and multi referenced to is images.

Now i need to show in category page a grid with all product “first image thumb” and when user click the thumb open a lightbox with the other product images.

I try to used the cms dynamic lightbox found in the forum but i don’t understand how to show only the first image of any product and after click the other.

I think is a standard and super common think, but i read that the last wishlist comunication is december 2018.

The point is that i don’t need to open the product detail page because every product have only images

Simple: Category page > grid with products thumb image > on click open a lightbox with product images - all dynamic

It’s about 2 mounth trying to find a solution or wait the webflow new feature alert…

Here is my public share link: **LINK**complet
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