How to make collection items integrate with lightbox popups?

Hi community!

I’m making a portfolio site for my brother’s metalwork (awesome, beautiful work!) and we’re wanting him to be able to control it via the CMS, so we’ll be using collections. He wants his portfolio to be a grid of his pieces and when you click on any one of the grid, it opens up a “product page” with more information, but from there, you’d be able to navigate via left/right arrows sequentially through the rest of the portfolio or you can see a grid of the pieces below if you’d still like to browse around via the grid.

So to put this visually, we’ll use my website redesign as an example …

  1. Grid of products:

  2. When you click on any one of them, you’re taken to a product page but with left/right arrows that will allow you to sequentially navigate between the projects.

Can this be done?

And for extra credit … Would we be able to have a lightbox effect on a collection page to further be able to zoom in to the portfolio picture on that page?

Anybody got any ideas/nudges on this? I know this must have been brought up before and wondering what a great workaround would be? Thanks!

Hi @adiggy

Check out this post:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hm, that seems to be diving into more coding than what I’d like! :smiley:

Would it be the same kind of a thing to use this workaround from this video (simply having a grid of thumbnails that are dynamic and clickable to a lightbox) but instead of having to close each lightbox, have the left/right arrows to navigate sequentially between portfolio pictures?


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