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Collection list into ecommerce product page 🤯?

Hi there,

Before I explain my problem, I’d like to explain to you what I’d like to achieve. I would like to display four CMS pictures in relation to that very product. Let’s say my ecommerce site has two different categories:

  1. T-shirts
  2. Trousers

For each categories, there are two products, so in total four product:

  1. T-shirt 1
  2. T-shirt 2
  3. Trouser 1
  4. Trouser 2

I am well aware we can, on the product page, display the main picture of the product in addition to its description, title, prices etc…

What I would like to achieve however, is to display four differents pictures of the product as well, kind of like a little gallery of what the product looks like under different angles.

I realised there is no possibility to add any other picture field into the ecommerce product collection list. That’s when I thought of using another regular collection list where I would set up four items, then for each of the four items (T-shirt 1, T-shirt 2, Trouser 1, Trouser 2) I would set up let’s say three image fields.

I successfully implemented that collection list into the product page, however the same pictures are always showing up as the collection list containing the “picture gallery” aren’t connected to the current product being displayed.

My question is:

Is there a way to connect a normal collection list with the current product so that the right images are being shown whether it be with Webflow or custom code (javascript pulling the right item from the collection list based on the name of the current product for example)

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Thank you for your help !



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I guess my question is:

Can we do some kind of javascript query inside a collection list filter ?
Somethint like this: ${current product}

Because the product item and the collection list item share the same name, it would be perfect as the collection list would then correctly filter the item to display by matching the name of the current product.

Isn’t that a good idea ? :hugs:
Is there a way to implement it ?