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Product categories


Can anyone tell me how can I add options to a product on the Webflow CMS?

Normally I would add an “Option” field on the collection, but that way it adds it to the entire collection an I need that the options vary between products.

The site where I’m working is

and the preview link is:

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Hi, @aaronocampo

I am not sure what exactly you want. The products collection already has the reference field to Category collection.
Could explain more detailed, please?

Hi @sabanna

I want each product to have different options like colours, e.g. “Air Optix” to have blue, brown, aqua, etc. and “Halloween Crazy Lens” to have spider, gothic, pumpkin, etc.

Some of them have the same variations on colours but not all of them.

Hopefully I explained my self better.


Perhaps @cyberdave @Waldo @PixelGeek or @webflow can help?


Why would not add the fields for all these options to the product? Then you can set “Condition visibility” to each of them and make them showing up only if option is set.