Process & workflow

Hello everybody,

Today I would like to discuss the process and the working method of each one. when is webflow used? How do you realize your projects in the design phase (after the research phase: competitive analysis, personas, …) Before switching to Webflow?

Do you have wireframes? if so, with which tool?

Then go to the direct design with webflow or do you first realize a few pages / some components with graphics software such as Figma / Sketch / XD / Invision Studio?

Tell me everything, it interests me :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @ananze

I think you will find this thread really useful:

Lots of opinions


:+1:t2: Yes thank you it’s a good first way :), but it targets people who use software before using webflow.

I would also like to know if many people use webflow directly or go through other steps before, and if yes which ones and how?

By the way, @StuM what are you doing when you get to the design phase? :wink:

Hi @ananze

As I mention on that thread, and quite a few others too, mostly pen and paper, then straight to Webflow!