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Problems with Webflow Staging?

This is my Zapier account while I was testing a Google Analytics Goal Conversion on my Webflow staging domain…

It’s not ideal, because I am wasting tons of Zap tasks through simply testing a conversion. I need to have a way to limit these tasks from only firing in production and it’s not just Zapier, it’s honestly all my staging integrations. I need a hook from Webflow through the element/code layer to signify that I am in staging and I should not be using that code.

Is there a way to do that? Just pushing to a staging domain isn’t enough.

Okay, I’ve fixed this.

I created a script that adds 2 hidden form elements to every form on the page, allow other integrations to easily reference the field for filtering integrations to production usage.

Instructions to get Webflow Staging Inputs

  • Include the script which will only hook into your forms on the page and append 2 hidden inputs (semantically named, cross-browser support)
  • Add a <div id="wf-form-mod"></div> before your closing </head> tag in the Custom Code section on Webflow
  • Click “Save” on your Custom Code

Using the limits in Zapier

  • First, make a new submission with the code added
  • Next, view the submission and make sure it has the fields added

  • Add a filter after the submission


  • Include the Wf Is Staging Env

  • Ultimately check that it’s false (Only working in Production - not on domains)

That way you will only work with the production submissions in production and can test your submissions on staging without running Zap tasks.

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