Mobile Site Crashes Because of Embedly Video Origin


First post here. Love webflow and all that it offers. I’m reaching out here for some help with a bug that I haven’t been able to solve.

Read-only link:

Live Site:

Bug: Site crashes on mobile devices within 10 seconds; however the site loads fine on desktop, despite the errors detailed below. There are also no aesthic issues when rendering it resized to mobile on desktop chrome (although errors still present)

Error: Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (‘’) does not match the recipient window’s origin (‘’).

What I’ve tried: I’ve read through some stackoverflow threads and tried switching all my youtube links back and forth to and from http/https, setting the youtube url origin attribute to, and switching my url path from “…/watch?v=VIDEO_ID” to “…/embed/VIDEO_ID”, but none of these changes fixed the issue.

Desktop Console Error Log

Desktop Console Error Log (mobile rendering)

Mobile Chrome Response Page

Tree Path to Video Component

Has any one else run into similar issues? I appreciate your help in my efforts to solve this issue. Thanks!!

Hi @cobrien, thanks for your post. I am helping to check on this issue, one thing I wanted to share was the page showing the allowed origin urls for YouTube:

I see you mentioned that you had tried to use http and https, it should be https but is now currently http, so I would change that to use https since the published site is using https.

In this case I do not think that the http/https is part of the issue.

One thing I would recommend is to reduce the number of videos you are putting on any single page, or use an alternate method to update the videos, i.e. use a lazy load kind of approach:

Right now, the site has to make a call to YouTube for every video Widget, so it takes a long time for the page to load. When I am adding youtube videos to a page using the built in Widget, I usually try to keep no more and 5-10 videos to a page for performance (lower the better) and if using more than that, I usually look to some customer video integration.

As soon as I have more info on the origin url error that is on the page, I will provide an update.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @cyberdave! Thank you for looking into this.

I will be working on addressing this issue tomorrow and will update you based on what I find. I’ll definitely be implementing a lazy-load solution for the site, along with looking into the youtube origin link documentation. I’ve switched all my links back to https without any ostensible changes in the error log.

Thanks again for your help! I’m grateful for your input.

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