Div not entirely filling body

Hi , i’m struggling with a slider setup …
I managed to make a vertical slider with webflow horizontal slider element by rotating it by 90° degrees … Now i have a small problem.
My whole page have a leaking body little space , as if something is not entirely filling the page …
I set the background of the body to red , so you can better see …

in the Base Breakpoint it doesn’t seems to appear the red one , just the white on the right
Maybe it’s because i rotated that element? Don’t know why tho

Here is my site Read-Only:

Up , i’m still searching for a solution there :confused:

:joy: never thought about that! I could not find what is causing this. Refeshing the read only link made the bug disappear, did you fix it?

Ok I see the bug again. The element that you can see underneath isn’t the body, it’s the Slider1 element. Put a green bg for this element and you’ll see now the line is green.

I hope that this is at least helping you.

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Good to know ! Still tried a lot of things , the only thing that seems to work is putting flex child --> grow if possible on the “Slider” slider element , this make the red/green line disappear but then the background image alters, the image become “zoomed” ; maybe going this way then trying fixing the image is easier?
Still i tried but nothing , seems that rotating stuff bugs a lot of stuff ahah

The “stuff” that breaks is in the normal flow of HTML elements. The “rotating” part is a CSS Transform, which happens independently of the flow of elements — a transform operation leaves a ghost position and dimension cell of the affected element, and doesn’t affect what’s before and what’s below it… That’s 2 very different things and mixing them up is often a challenge.

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Seems like i have to find a different solution , thanks anyway !