Problem with the pressed state in nav bar + dropdown


I have always found the navbar to be a little messy and hard to make it work like I want.

Now I have a navbar with a orange border on the right side of the nav links when hovering, but when clicked, it disappears. I want the orange edge to still be present after the navbar menu is klicked…! So that it marks which page I am on. I have the same settings on pressed state as in hover state, but it still disappears for some reason? Help, anybody?

ALSO: I have some problems with the dropdown:

  1. when I click in the submenu, the Dropdown navbox becomes light gray? And I can’t figure out how to make it look like “normal” (in this case black). How can i change this, when the submenus are active?
  2. When I click the dropdown, I would like the dropdown submenu to stay open, even when I click a sub-page. But when I click one of the other nav links it should of course close… Is this possible?

Here is my site Read-Only:

you have to go to the page it links to, select it and it’ll add a current state to the style. Style that and it’ll work the way you want.

Yes, but the dropdown nav with toggle does not link to any page… It just opens the three subpagemenus? So how can I style the “dropdownbutton toggle” (in lack of better word for it) when one of the submenus are in hovermode (= when the dropdown toggle turns gray)?


You can style the menu to change cover on open. Just open the menu and then select it and it’ll add the open state. I’m not really sure what else you’re trying to do.

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry that it’s hard to explain, but Iv’e tried around for a long time here, but still can’t figure it out…

  1. I still can’t get the orange border to stay after I click the nav menu! For example: If I click on the nav menu “Referenser” - at first click the orange bar disappears, but if I click ANOTHER TIME (when I’m already on that page), the orange bar shows up!? (and stays until I click another nav menu option). Why cant it stay put already after the first click?? Seems like I’m missing out on something obvious, but I cant get my head around it. Does it really has to be this complicated?
  2. I still can’t get rid of the light gray background on the Dropdown toggle that shows when I hover over the submenus…
  3. I also want the submenus to stay open (visible) when i have clicked on one of them… but that might not be possible?

Please test it at my page…! (link above).

Finally solved the problem #2 with light gray background issue - marked the box for the whole Dropdown, with toggle open - then it showed up on “hover” state. Phew!