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Dropdown/submenu how to force it to remain open

Hi there,

I have added a dropdown menu in my navbar.

When you mouse over the dropdown box, the submenus appear. You can next click on one of the subs and be redirected to the page you want to visit. So far so good.



However, I would like the submenus to remain visible once I am on the visited page. By default when you mouse away, it disappears.

I can not figure out how to use the hide/show interaction.

Thank you for your help.


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Yeah, currently the ‘Active on Hover’ functionality is not available in Webflow. Go ahead and add that one to the Wishlist.

Thank you Gary

I don’t think it is an “active on hover”, it is more “keep active once you have clicked on the button”

Yes, sorry it’s for the hover state to remain active … you’re right. I think they may be working on adding this to interactions soon, not sure.

Only possible with custom code.