Problem with redirects in ahrefs and indexing

Hi webflow friends!

My site has some problems with redirects. ahrefs shows that when a person goes from one internal page to another, they first go to the domain, and then a redirect is made to How can this be fixed?

And there is another nuance, ahrefs shows that it indexes pages that I no longer have in webflow. How can I fix this?
And the last thing, I have a cms collection on the page and pagination is enabled. I made it so that when the user clicks on the button, the collection list is expanded, but the page is not updated. But when I tested the pagination, by default, pagination refreshes the page. And ahrefs indexed this every page, and the question. How can I remove this indexing now, because it swears at this error

You’ll need to change the publish setting for the site so that the non-www version is the root domain. This needs to correspond on the domain hosting side as well. As the note in the screengrab states, some DNS do not support this and might require manual set up.

I also wanted to ask you about a page with a cms collection. When I set up pagination, every time I used pagination, it updated the page and these pages are now indexed and for them errors in ahrefs

I’m not sure because I don’t use ahrefs. And I create workarounds to avoid Webflow’s pagination feature.

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