Open Graph settings: Twitter and Facebook discrepancies


I’m struggling with the Open Graph preview. I changed the Title, image and text, but on Twitter nothing is fetched. On Facebook, the title appears but not the text.

Read-only link:

When you make changes to your OG data, you can use Facebook’s OG debugger for those data to be crawled again:

I tried that and unfortunately it didn’t work. Here’s the debugger and FB post:

Fb says there’s an issue with your image.

Try respecting the format asked by OG. There’s a reminder for that in Webflow’s UI:

The image now displays on FB respecting those parameters, but still no Open Graph Description is showing.

I just tested it on the debugger, slack and twitter and image, title and description show up as intended and as they’re defined on your site.

Thanks-I don’t know what gives then.

It looks fine in Slack and within the Facebook debugger, but I’m getting nothing on Twitter, and no text/description on Facebook when I actually try to post.

Also, it appears that these should be fixed, but in Webflow, everything looks ok. Any discrepancies to fix?