Problem with DNS and start new Webflow project

Our client has a hosting site on and two subdomains at the same hosting provider. The domain of that website was bought at another hosting provider and is forwarded to the first one with DNS. The mailboxes of the customer are also set in www.nazwa. pl. You can book and buy tickets using the Iksoris program on the subdomain which is connected to the payment gateway of Polcard to process the payment. In addition, the client has set up an interactive game on the local company server, with which the page set up on the server is connected via DNS.

We have created a new website for the client at Webflow, but for a proper operation we had to switch two types of records A and a CNAME to the hosting provider’s server. Last week, after the overload of DNS and CNAME, input of Amazon servers used by Webflow, communication between the payment gateway Polcard and the Iksoris program, which carries out the sale and booking of tickets (important for the business of our client) collapsed. Email mailboxes stopped working, the homepage didn’t work properly on mobile devices ( while using data, when you used WiFi everything was correct), and the interactive game didn’t work anymore. Does anyone have some idea how we can solve that problem?

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