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Problem with deleting grid columns

I am trying to delete columns in the grid at the bottom of the page for mobile and tablet views. The columns grey out but don’t delete. How can I delete them?


Here is my site Read-Only:

@jreiss could you share a screenshot of the columns you’re trying to delete? I can’t find which ones you’re talking about on your site.

I think CSS Grid is a better choice. So no collums but a grid instead.

The grid is at the bottom on the Motorbike training page. I want to delete columns so the content displays better on smaller devices.

I think the problem is that your elements in the grid are manually placed instead of Auto.

Since you are explicitly telling the grid that you want a heading in column 3/3 and row 5/5, it will make a column 3.

So to be able to delete the columns in mobile, the elements need to be Auto, or assigned to just column 1.

ah, yes, you do need to move the content into a different column before you can delete it :slight_smile: