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Problem with custom domain

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie at this so this is difficult for me. I have a problem with my website. I have the lite subscription at 16$/month, and I want to publish my website and custom the domain but webflow asks me to pay everytime as if I didn’t have subscription. I am advised to take the CMS one at 16$/month too but is this different subscription?
If it’s not, how can I resolve this please?

Thank you in advance (and if some people can explain me in French it will be fantastic ahah but I can manage in English.)

Hi you have two kind of subscription. Development and the hosting.
Development and Hosting can be tha same but dont have to be the same.

You can run development without hosting and you can run hosting without development.

Any how when pubslish i site you have to buy hosting at any of the plans:

The hosting can be paid by you or your client. If your clent are going to pay you have to set up billing

Can you explain what you try to do

Hi, thank you for replying :slight_smile:
So, I supscribe for the hosting so now I can custom the domain. I am interning in a society and they wanted me to make their website. I didn’t do that in my life so I tried …
Now I don’t understand one thing, when I go to “Hosting” and “Custom Domain” I choose the name of the website, webflow propose me to choose different option : Option 1 Visit the admin console of your domain registrar (the website you bought your domain from) and create two A Records. With Type / Name / Value,
Option 2 If you want to use the root domain (…) as the default domain

What do I have to do?
I’m so confused with all of this :sweat_smile:

Thank you

I asume you have adomain like Enter the information in custom domain like this.

Follow the instructions on how to update the DNS with the correct values.

I just have : add a Custom Domain
so I think I have to buy one?

So I buy a domain, but now I want to add a sitemap and do a verification ID but when I copy the code, there is an error message from Google who said that :
property validation failed.

Do I have to wait a little before verifying?

Yes DNS updates take some time, and Google verification can take up to 12-24 hours.

Ant other questions?

Ok I see, and there is no problem if the site is publish during this time without google verification?

No problem the only thing not working is the Google Search Console

Here is more info

Ok thank you very much for your help, have a good day :blush:

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