Problem with connect Lightbox with multigallery CMS

Hey, everybody,
I’m having a problem with linking Lightbox, which is inside my collections list, to the CMS multigallery. Interestingly, when I click on the cog that opens the settings window, nothing happens. In the right settings bar I normally click on “Get media from”, but there is no selection of my multigallery.

Thanks for the help.

Hey @Tomas_Krynsky – you need to insert another CMS collection into your page, then link that to the multi-gallery field, then insert a Lightbox inside of the CMS item. To pull content from a Multi-gallery field, you have to use a CMS collection element.

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Hey @jaytel Thank you for your reply. I am using a Collection list element that I have linked to my CMS, but I cannot link Lightbox. I think this is a bug. I can normally link a single CMS image to Lightbox, but I can’t link my multigallery to Lightbox.