CMS Collections: Lightbox with multiple images

When using CMS collections is there a way to have the lightbox reference multiple images that are not part of the thumbnails on the page? I’ve tried to figure this out different ways as described below.

I’m creating a portfolio with a filterable gallery that is referencing a collection list, within that collection list I have lightbox links. The lightbox link will only link to a single image from the CMS collection. My problem would be solved if it allowed linking to the images section of the collection.

I tried to link with other lightboxes and assigned a group name but it assigns the same group name for all the lightboxes since the collection list is sourcing from one of the CMS collections I created. If I was able to assign unique group names I could get this to work by creating hidden groups with images in them and giving them the same unique group names.

I realize I could make a static gallery and have multiple images but I have the filtering setup already and would simply like to find a way to click my thumbnail and have multiple unique images appear.

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Having this same issue. Multiple CMS lightbox collections show all images from all other collection items.