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Private Client Portal / Memberstack + AirTable Integration


Only open to applicants from the UK, NA, CA and the EU if you are fluent in English.



I need to scope out the possibility of setting up a basic portal that clients can login to, to view information that is imported to Webflow from a spreadsheet (AirTable or otherwise).

As such, the client would be able to update the spreadsheet from their end, which will then update the database on the website.

It needs to work so that the client can only see information from the specified spreadsheet.

This needs to be set up to work for multiple clients and it must be totally secure.

I can design and build the front-end, but will need help to integrate Memberstack and AirTable.

Please apply as follows by private message.

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. Contact details
  4. Qualifications / Experience / Examples of similar work
  5. Ball-park budget
  6. Questions

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I can help you out
Please reach me on skype:cis.am4 or Drop me mail at

Curious to know, did you move forward with anyone here?

Unfortunately not! I had to go forward with a more basic solution for the time being that I can build by myself.