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Membership based site with airtable.... Can I create a search function?

I am putting together a scope of work for a new Client and I need help with search functions.

So basically it is a member based paid site, they need to be able to do two things:

  1. I need live spread sheets that they will be able to open and search on, pretty much excel sheet but I was thinking Airtable

  2. I need to create lender files which will hold multiple important documents which I was planning on using webflow CMS for this section and uploading files and linking them back via link in list however I’m stuck on how to create a search function that will search the files for keywords…

Is this possible? I was thinking Jetboost but I think I would then need to create a new field for keywords which isn’t ideal.

Any ideas?

Maybe the upcoming Nobull app’s from Finsweet are a solution?
They are not online though.
In this video, Joe from Finsweet, explains what’s possible.

hey, not sure if you’re still looking for a solution here, but if so we’re building a standalone product for this exact thing called Whalesync. Can certainly do the live spreadsheet (Airtable) → Webflow CMS aspect.